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Customer Service Training


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6 Hours

About the Course

Great customer service is at the heart of effective competition and business sustainability. In today's markets where customers can enjoy a variety of choices, businesses must demonstrate quality customer service to maintain their relevance to the marketplace. Business Lifeline offers its signature Customer Service training program to Corporate clients to equip all levels of staff with a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics that lead to great relationships. Keep your customers happy, engaged and valued.

Your Instructor

Nichole Joseph-Cupid MBA BBA

Nichole Joseph-Cupid MBA BBA

Business Development expert and experienced entrepreneur, Mrs. Nichole Joseph-Cupid, offers her years of experience, knowledge and skills to support the growth and development of her clients. She is an engaging and charismatic presenter guaranteed to hold your attention as she delivers great content with simplicity and clarity. Mrs. Joseph-Cupid is qualified in Accounting, Law and holds an MBA Marketing with of twenty years both Corporate and Entrepreneurial experience.

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