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Business Builder Program


$3600.00 TTD


8 Weeks

About the Course

What is the Business Builder?

The Business Builder is a eight (8) week entrepreneurial program designed to provide business owners with a blueprint for business success. The program provides practical proven solutions for common business problems that can impact your business performance. Theory is only valuable when applied. Get your blueprint of practical solutions to grow your business.

What are the topics covered in the program?

The program covers the following key areas of business:
• Identifying and qualifying a good business idea
• Choosing the right form of business registration
• Business funding
• Understanding the business planning process and the requirements for an effective business plan
• Financial management
• Cash flow management
• Taxation
• Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to improve your business performance
• Effective Marketing
• Legal and regulatory compliance

Your Instructor

Mrs. Nichole Joseph-Cupid

Mrs. Nichole Joseph-Cupid

Business Development expert and experienced entrepreneur, Mrs. Nichole Joseph-Cupid, offers her years of experience, knowledge and skills to support the growth and development of her clients. She is an engaging and charismatic presenter guaranteed to hold your attention as she delivers great content with simplicity and clarity. Mrs. Joseph-Cupid is qualified in Accounting, Law and holds an MBA Marketing with of twenty years both Corporate and Entrepreneurial experience.

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