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Business Builder Scholarship Edition


$800.00 TTD


8 Weeks

About the Course

The Business Builder program is a comprehensive eight (8) week business incubation program designed to aid entrepreneurs to effectively establish and manage their business for success. Lifeline Foundation is providing the opportunity for a limited number of selected entrepreneurs to pursue the program, getting their tuition 100% FREE. Participants will however be responsible for payment of their program registration and training material costs. These are outlined in the application form.

The Business Builder program shall be delivered in person weekly on Tuesdays 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM. **Online access is also provided.** The program commences on Tuesday 4th July 2023. Participants will learn:
- How to identify and qualify a profitable business opportunity
- How to choose the right business formation
- Effective business planning
- Business funding
- Cash Flow management & Accounting
- Effective Marketing & Business Development
- Legal & regulatory compliance
Registration - $200.00
Course Material and resources - $600.00

Your Instructor

Mrs. Nichole Joseph-Cupid

Mrs. Nichole Joseph-Cupid

Mrs. Nichole Joseph-Cupid is a charismatic, qualified and engaging trainer. She is gifted with the ability to make complex challenges simple an clear enough that even a toddler can understand. She is qualified in Law, Accounting and the holder of an MBA Marketing degree. She is backed by over two decades of experience in Business Development spanning both the private and public sectors.

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