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Entrepreneur's Club


Gain access to exclusive benefits for entrepreneurs!
Providing you with access to the services and network to take your business to the next level.

The Entrepreneur’s Club is a support network for business owners who operate micro, small and medium-sized businesses in Trinidad & Tobago.  The mission of the club is to support the development of successful businesses through collaborative efforts, networking, and learning. The club’s vision is to become the premier network of micro, small and medium entrepreneurs in Trinidad & Tobago, advocating and supporting the growth of profitable businesses.


The club was founded to leverage and create opportunities for club members through networking and collaborative use of resources.  The club promotes positive collaboration between members to encourage the support and the growth of member businesses through referrals and access to discounted services within the network.

What benefits will I gain as a member of the Entrepreneur’s Club?

Members of the Entrepreneur’s Club enjoy the following benefits:

  • Discounted business support services from Business Lifeline Ltd,  such as:

    • Consultancy services

    • Accounting services

    • Marketing & Advertising services

    • Call Center support services

    • Entrepreneurial training services

  • Networking opportunities.  The club shall host quarterly networking events designed to promote member businesses as well as create the opportunity for more experienced business owners to network with aspiring and emerging business owners.

  • Membership discounts.  Members shall enjoy discounted services from members within the network as well as other key business service providers using their club membership card.

  • Client referrals.  Members shall enjoy client referrals from other members within the network to support the growth of their businesses.

  • Entrepreneurial development.  Members of the network will have access to discussions on key business issues and national policies that impact businesses through an online business forum.  Members can raise questions or concerns regarding issues impacting them as an entrepreneur or their businesses and gain critical insights from other members within the forum.

  • Entrepreneurial education.  Members will gain access to critical training and development resources tailored to the needs and challenges affecting the membership of the club.

  • Member services.  Club members will also gain access to group medical plans for themselves and their employees.

How do I become a member?

To become a member of the Entrepreneur’s Club you must:

  • Be a registered business owner or director.

  • Submit the membership application form with a copy of your business registration and national ID.

  • Pay membership fee as follows:

    • Quarterly membership - $600.00 + VAT - $675.00 per quarter

    • Half annual membership - $1000.00 + VAT - $1125.00 per six months

    • Annual membership - $1800.00 + VAT - $2025.00 per annum

Club Member Requirements

Each club member is required to comply with the general rules and regulations of the Entrepreneur’s Club to maintain their membership within the network.  All members are expected to comply with ethical business standards as outlined in the club rules. Club members may also be asked to serve on various committees for the development of the club and its membership.

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