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Investment Funding

Venture capitalists and Angel Investors are looking for potential success opportunities in the Caribbean region.  Here is your opportunity to attract the funding needed for your business.  Whether you are looking for an investment only or to build a network with experienced investors to expand your business, we will prepare you to secure the funding to develop your business.

Finding an Investor

Every business needs Capital to grow.  Get the Capital needed to build your business

Business Lifeline is an affiliate of the Caribbean Investment Network.  This platform provides the tools needed to shop your business proposal to willing investors. 


Our team of competent professionals will assist you to develop your business plan and investment pitch.  To start the process you will be required to book a consultation to complete your assessment. Our Consultants will provide you with a detailed step-by-step guide to securing your business funding.

Get started today.  Click the link below to book your consultation now.

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