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3 Steps to Achieving Big!

We all have a dream. For most, we spend our entire lives wishing and hoping to achieve our dreams for a better life. However, sadly most people are not able to achieve their dreams despite working diligently all their lives.

If you are anything like me, you may have spent significant time trying to identify what you need to do to become successful. I have spent hours going through videos, reading books and asking questions to find the somewhat elusive secret to achieving success. So after much searching and researching, I finally identified some key elements or steps that allowed me to achieve my bigger dreams which I will like to share with you.

Step 1: Dream Big

Many people fail to achieve big because their dreams are often too small. Now you may be asking why won't everyone dream big? Well, the simple answer is that many people only dream in the context of what exists. They fail to push themselves to explore new possibilities for often they fear failure and the sting of disappointment.

My personal perspective on fear is that we should never allow it to paralyze our dreams. Not trying is by far worse than trying and fail. If you make an effort to go after your dreams you will discover that there is a greater chance of success than failure. As such with the right planning and effort you can avoid the pain of failure. I see failure as an important lesson learnt for my next attempt!

Step 2: Quantify your dream

Quantifying your dreams is one of the most important steps on your journey to success. If you don't know what you are working too, there will be little surprise that you fail to achieve it. Some folks avoid this step again because of fear. They allow themselves to be limited by their current circumstances convincing themselves that their dream is too big for them to achieve because of where they are in the present. It is ok to dream of having a million dollars when your bank account only has ten dollars. The important thing is what is the next step you take. No dream is too big if you take the right steps to achieve them.

Step 3: Take small, simple, steps

You won't go from ten dollars to a million in a day however if you break your million dollar goal into smaller pieces you will know exactly how long and what effort is required for you to achieve your dreams. You can start by simply putting aside a dedicated amount of savings each month to take you to the dream or by investing so that you can grow your income to achieve your dream. Having a measurable goal makes it simple for you to achieve Big dreams. Break it into smaller manageable increments and start taking steps to your bigger better life daily.


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Tremeyne Philip
Tremeyne Philip
24 ago 2021

Very informative and true

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