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A society in crisis

As citizens of Trinidad & Tobago are faced with unprecedented weather conditions leading to the worst flooding ever experienced in its history, our people are compelled to rely on their inner spirit and strength to put their lives together again.

For many, their lifelong accomplishments and treasures are submerged in flood waters.  Many are yet to conceptualize the implications of this wide spread disaster which may take months or even years for persons to replace items lost.  What is even more concerning is that inclement weather can lead to a repeat of this situation with little or no warning.  

For the victims, there are more questions than answers.  After all the relief efforts, people will have to return to their shattered lives with innovation and passion to overcome this obstacle.  The many who have been spared from the direct impact of this tragedy will now have to stand in solidarity with those whose lives will now be permanently changed.

In times like these we need strong, innovative leadership.  We need an army of support.  We need a unified nation working for the benefit of all its people.  We need a Lifeline.

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