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Christmas Reflections


“What is Christmas? It is the tenderness of the past, courage for the present, and hope for the future." - Agnes M. Pahro

Let’s walk into the Christmas season with the right heart!

You can reflect on the past business year and learn from your mistakes. You can use your courage right now to do whatever you can to improve moving forward. Make sure to have the right heart, be kind to your customers and employees, and jump at the chance of any opportunity to improve. Never think you are beyond improvement. Lastly, send your hope into the future. Make a list of achievable goals and goals that seem impossible. Don’t hold anything back. Let’s make 2022 great with a time of reflection over the last year.

Let’s start with some simple questions for reflection:

  1. How has owning a business made you a better person?

  2. What are some mistakes you’ve made this year and what have you learned from them?

  3. What can you do in this present moment to become a better entrepreneur?

  4. What are your realistic goals for 2022?

  5. What are your seemingly impossible goals for 2022?

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