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Entrepreneurship, an act of Emancipation

Emancipation is defined as the fact, or the process of being set free. It is strongly associated with the abolition of the slave trade but also has great implications for many relating to economic, social and political freedoms. As the global economic landscape continues to evolve, many persons dream of being financially free. This dream is often achieved by pursuing one of two alternatives, employment or entrepreneurship, both offering its unique challenges and rewards.

The road to financial freedom

As individuals, we all dream of being financially free. For some this may mean simply being able to pay all their bills, for others it may mean the ability to purchase anything their heart desires, whilst others may have visions of a large house, fancy cars and adventurous travels. The definitions are as unique as the individuals defining them. Despite this, most people will agree that the ability to achieve financial freedom through employment can be an uphill task, one that most individuals fail to achieve.

Employment is characterized by fixed incomes, restricted roles, responsibilities, high repetition and limited for upward mobility. These factors can often lead to the development of feelings of dissatisfaction and entrapment. Yet as individuals, we all appreciate that employment is a gift that allows one the opportunity to provide for oneself and one's family. However, in the context of achieving the dream of financial freedom, only a small portion of individuals can claim to achieve this feat through employment. What is the alternative?

Taking the Entrepreneurial route

Entrepreneurship is thought by most to be a more effective route to financial freedom as compared to employment. It allows those who choose this path the opportunity to pursue their own passions and limitless opportunities for growth and fulfillment. Despite its many promises of great rewards, its a route often avoided. Why? Many have been enticed by its promises of success and freedoms only to find themselves at a destination of unfulfillment or failure. The rate of entrepreneurial failure is known to be extremely high for first-time entrepreneurs. Many become disillusioned and discouraged by their initial experience and disappointing results. Despite this most successful entrepreneurs will confess that failure is an integral part of the journey to success.

Whilst Entrepreneurship has proven itself to be a successful route to financial freedom for those who skillfully navigate its paths, it can also prove to be an equally destructive financial route for those who fail to navigate well. The rewards are great but the path to success is challenging. For this reason, employment has previously been considered to be a safer alternative by most. Individuals choosing this path generally accept that by so doing, their dreams of financial freedom may never be realized but are often contented to just have a 'good' life.

Navigating the rough path to Emancipation

Entrepreneurship is not a path for the faint of heart. It will challenge you but reward you generously for your success. Many have forsaken their potential reward because they got lost, or discouraged on the journey. Business Lifeline Ltd was founded to provide support and guidance to individuals seeking to pursue the path of entrepreneurship. Having a companion who can encourage, guide and support you can make this difficult entrepreneurial path, significantly less challenging. Sharing the insights of those who have pursued the path before and found success can help you formulate your own success plan. Accelerate your journey to financial freedom with the support of caring, knowledgeable and experienced consultants. Learn about Business Lifeline's Coaching and Mentoring program.

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