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Maximize Your Sales for Christmas!

Here are four key ways to boost product/service sales this holiday season:

1. Add some Christmas magic to your branding

Change your branding to match the season! You can implement a temporary, Christmas-themed branding change to build excitement around your brand for the holiday season. Before you rebrand for the holidays, ensure that you have a specific purpose and reaction that you want to elicit from the audience. Some businesses may want to build anticipation while others may want to take a more emotional approach. In the midst of your holiday rebranding, don’t drown out your original branding to the point where it’s unrecognizable, just add some holiday magic to it. This is just the first way to draw attention and maximize your sales.

2. Run a Christmas promotion (rewards, discount code, etc.)

While it may seem counterproductive, Christmas sales, discounts or free offers can actually maximize your sales and profits. This will attract even more people to your brand. Here are just a few ideas for your Christmas promotion:

  • Free gift wrapping services

  • 25% off sales or discounts

  • Free delivery

  • Free card

  • Wish list ideas

  • Surprise boxes

We challenge you to try one of the above methods to boost your holiday sales.

3. Send an ecard to your customers!

Send an ecard to your current clients this Christmas. The act of continuously forging relationships with clients leads to increased sales. Remember, a big part of brand awareness is also word of mouth. Show kindness to your clients and they will get half the job done for you. This act is also environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and can be personalized to suit your clients!

4. Host a giveaway

Give something away this Christmas! Host a brand giveaway with your most popular product. Offer it gift wrapped to customers for an even better presentation. This will also attract more people to your social media pages and give them a chance to engage with your content, with the promise of something in return.


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