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Promoting Local Entrepreneurs

Most micro and small entrepreneurs are severely constricted by the small revenue streams generated by their business. The challenge for them is that to increase their revenue, they must increase their expenditure which for many is extremely tough decision. This calls for both prioritization and commitment. There is an ongoing debate on whether marketing and advertising is just another expense or a worthwhile investment. However, statistics clearly confirm that businesses who fail to market themselves effectively generally fail.

The advertising landscape has evolved. Now micro and small businesses have many powerful tools at their disposal that will allow them to reach thousands of potential customers on a limited budget. Business owners can now achieve great things by effectively capitalizing on the opportunities available through mediums such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google, Youtube and Whatsapp. The online space can be very confusing however with a moderate investment in professional support, small businesses can now achieve great results.

Using its marketing competence and experience, Business Lifeline Limited is committed to the promotion of smaller entrepreneurs. Their professional team will assist you to tell your business story. They will assist you reaching your target market and growing your business. Having a great product but not communicating effectively what you have to offer will leave you miles behind your competitors.

Take a look at budding entrepreneur Josanne Carmino, Managing Director of Carmino's Ice Cream, as she shares her business story. Carmino's Ice Cream was founded by herself and her husband Pierre Carmino. Currently operating from their residence in Mt. Hope Trinidad, this duo is working assiduously to achieve their business dreams. They are building a legacy of quality one scoop at a time. Check their story below.

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Emily Mora

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