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Social Media and your Business

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

For many entrepreneurs the advent of social media presents both opportunities and challenges. Statistics shows that the average person spend approximately 6.5 hours online daily. Social media has evolved into the space where most people are talking and everyone is watching.

Having an ineffective social media presence or none at all, shuts the door to the most cost effective medium for mass communications. It denies you the opportunity to gain useful insights to your market's desires, behaviors, preferences and thoughts. All critical elements for decision making in today's competitive markets. Social media places great power into the hands of those who can use it well.

There are many entrepreneurs who shy away from the use of social media because they are not comfortable using it or don't understand how it works. There are some who are fearful to be open and exposed for all to see as they communicate in the world's most public forum. The ultimate cure for Fear is Knowledge!

Take the time to learn and understand the power given to you by social media. Start leveraging this resource to support your success. As an entrepreneur you can offer the greatest product or service but its only valuable when customers know and purchase it. Social media gives you the power to share who you are, what you have to offer, where and how it is available, what difference it can make for your customers. Grasp the power offered by social media! Slay your fear with knowledge.

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