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Salesforce Outsourcing

Want to increase your sales revenue?

We will deliver outstanding results every time!

Business Lifeline Limited introduces Trinidad’s #1 outsourced Sales Force.

Business Lifeline will reduce your costs and increase your sales revenue!

Benefits of using our Sales Force:

Building a good sales team is challenging and expensive. Recent studies have shown that companies that are using sales outsourcing have a competitive advantage over companies that retain the function inhouse. Sales Force will give you:

• Quick and efficient market penetration strategy

• Reduction in your cost of sales (salaries, traveling & benefits)

• Reduction in tools costs (phones, CRM, laptops, etc)

• Higher Return on Investment (ROI)

• No Stress!

Now you can focus on what you do best!

Sales are our business. Let us deliver the benefits for you without the stress so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Let Us Drive An Increase In Your Sales Revenue!

Delivering high sales turnover, through professional, ethical, informed and well-trained agents. With years of experience in recruiting and training sales professionals, the SalesForce team is staffed with experienced, motivated and skillful agents.


SalesForce agents are competent in delivering results through face to face contact or via telephone. The company uses both traditional and social media to harvest potential clients and is supported by an expansive database of potential prospects used to enhance the effectiveness of client projects.

Service Quality

Business Lifeline is committed to delivering the highest quality services to its clients. To deliver on this promise all Sales Force agents receive continuous training and development to ensure that they utilize the most effective sales techniques and updated market details.


Companies require an experienced sales team to locate the right markets, deliver the right messages using the right media.  The Sales Force team provides a comprehensive balance of the required skills to deliver effectively for your organization.

Cost Reduction

Sales Force delivers proven sales strategies and provides clients with a fast effective way to create a successful sales team NOW!.


The service eliminates the costs and risks associated with hiring staff. These costs including recruitment costs, training, tools, and equipment, salaries, benefits and travel amongst others. Customers using Business Lifeline’s Sales Force eliminate these costs and pay for results!

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