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Credit Repair

Poor credit impacts every aspect of your living.  It can be repaired!

Fix your credit and start living again.  Get the support of qualified credit repair professionals to provide you with competent solutions to kick-start your financial progress.

Our package includes

One on One Consultation

Get expert advice from a qualified financial consultant.  Our consultants will access your current credit position and create a road map to your recovery.

Creditor Intervention

Get the support of an experienced advocate to intervene and negotiate on your behalf with creditors.  We will negotiate manageable settlements which will allow you to get on your feet again.

Credit Bureau Challenges

Your credit records are not always accurate.  Our experts will challenge inaccurate records on your behalf to have them removed from your records.

Loan Facilitation

Fixing your credit may require additional funding.  Where necessary or possible, our experts will source and negotiate with funding providers on your behalf to get you the funding needed.

Get Started for only $562.50

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