Register a Business

Why is business registration so important?

Registering a new business is the first and one of the most important steps you take as a business owner.  Your business does not exist legally until it is registered.  Business registration gives you access to funding and income earning opportunities. 


There are several options available for businesses that operate for a profit to register.  Click the link below for some important information before choosing the best option for you.

Business Colleagues


Bank Account Setup

Once you have successfully completed your business registration, your next step is to get your business bank account set up.  Business Lifeline will assist you to prepare the required account opening documentation, three (3) year cash flow projections and opening balance sheet.



Starting a new business

Complete a comprehensive business plan for your business idea.  This will allow you to determine the viability of your business idea before investing any money, assess what is needed to make your business profitable, and determine if you have the resources to fulfill your objectives.