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Consultancy & Accounting Services

Sales Professional

Business Consulting

Reached a plateau with your business?  Taking your business to the next level requires a new strategy and greater efficiency.  Get access to the expertise needed to achieve your business dreams.  Book a consultation now and watch your business grow again.

Chief Consultant Nichole Joseph-Cupid MBA

Growing your business


Effective Consultancy services can:

  • Give you affordable access to business expertise, expert skills and influence.

  • Provide objective responses to business challenges.

  • Save time and effort which is often lost by trying to achieve results using the trial and error method.

  • Save the expense of trying to hire high-level professionals full-time.

Other Professional Services


Business Registration

Starting your new business?

Let our experts assist you with this critical and complicated process.  Avoid the hustle, we will complete your registration on your behalf.


Business Plan Writing

An effective business plan is the foundation of a successful business.  Get the professional support you need to ensure that you have a comprehensive roadmap to your business success.  Get a well-researched plan that outlines your strategic direction.


Tender & Proposal Writing

Get the support you need to secure viable business contracts and build new relationships.  Introduce and represent your business professionally with our Tender and Proposal writing service.


Accounting & Taxation

Keeping your business compliant with all your statutory requirements is essential for success. 

  • Get the support you need for accurate and timely taxation submissions. 

  • Get the information you need to make meaningful business decisions and track your business performance.

  • Payroll processing

  • Project costing

  • Cash flow projecting


Marketing Research Services

The world needs to know what you have to offer!  Get the data you need to achieve your objectives.  Stand out in the crowded marketplace with effective market-based advertising.  Use well-crafted marketing messages to drive an increase in your business sales.  

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