Business Incubation Services (New/Emerging Business)

Starting your new business?

Let our experts assist you with this critical and complicated process.


We will provide the following services to new and young businesses:

  • Business plan writing

  • Business registration

  • Business finance facilitation

  • Market research

  • Social media presence management


What makes our service unique?

Our experts will work with you guiding you through all the steps necessary to ensure that your new enterprise gets off to a great start!

Business Development Services (Existing Businesses)

This product is designed for existing businesses.

Growing businesses require additional expertise to ensure they maintain their relevance and profitability in today's evolving and dynamic markets. Ensuring that your business maintains positive growth and development, our experts will work with your company to equip you with the necessary 'know how' to keep your business on a path of positive growth:

  • Process mapping

  • Process engineering

  • Strategy development

  • Market research

  • Branding and Advertising

  • Telemarketing / Customer service support / Call Center services

  • Revenue assurance


Let our experts work with you team to customize services that are ideally suited to support your growth and development.

Business Revival Services

Are you struggling to keep your business from going under?

Are you overwhelmed by calls from creditors whose demands you are unable to satisfy?

Let our experts champion your business turnaround. Let our team work with you to revive your business using proven customized techniques for your specific needs, technology and finance facilitation.

Our experts will guide you and assist you with the necessary measures to bring you back on track. Share your pain and let our experts share a solution with you.


Keeping your business compliant with all your statutory requirements is essential for success. 

  • Get the support you need for accurate and timely taxation submissions. 

  • Get the information you need to make meaningful business decisions and track your business performance.

  • Payroll processing

  • Project costing

  • Cash flow projecting

Credit Repair Toolkit

Good credit is essential to the achievement of all your financial goals and dreams.  Unfortunately, for many challenges with their credit history can make achieving larger goals and dreams extremely challenging and even impossible. 


Life changes can sometimes lead to the development of unmanageable debts causing the development of poor credit history. 


This can deny you access to essential financial tools such as loans to achieve your lifelong business and personal goals and dreams. 


Get the support you need with a customized credit repair plan to repair your credit and regain access to the tools that can help you succeed.  Good credit is essential to the success of your business.  Rehabilitate your credit. 


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