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Coaching and Mentoring you to Success

Achieving your lifelong dreams

People have dreams. Even if they aren’t lofty enough to be called dreams, we all have goals, objectives or purposeful intentions. We all want change but changing and improving our lives is hard. It takes an almost absurd amount of time, skill, discipline and effort to get anywhere near our goals.

As an Entrepreneur, it gets even harder because we often have to go through our journeys all alone, often feeling misunderstood by everyone else. We run into problems that we have no idea how to address almost every other day, with no one to talk to about it or seek advice from. Do you have any idea how many of us live our lives feeling like if we’re trapped in our own personal hell with lives so dysfunctional that each step forward is nullified by everything that is wrong with the world? Living like this has become the norm nowadays but we have a solution for you to address this challenge.

What is the Coaching and Mentorship Program?

The Coaching and Mentorship Program is a lifeline for ambitious people who feel trapped and unsupported. It is a program designed around you, your goals and your specific needs. Your life doesn’t have to be an uphill climb. We can help you grow. It’s all about getting the support you need for continuous improvement and achievement of your dreams.

Why Mentorship?

We’ve designed this system in accordance with the most efficient and productive model for growth in human history - The Mentor-protégé Coaching Dynamic. Why? Because life is short. You have big dreams and you’re eager to reach them. You don’t want to waste time because time is limited. That passion and ambition is actually a big part of why people feel so trapped when they’re stuck in a bad place with no idea how to get out of it. It’s almost like being in a box where the more time you spend there is the smaller it gets because you know that time is running out and the more that the walls close in it is the more trapped that you feel.

It is time to stop undervaluing the benefit of other people’s expertise. Too often Business people get drawn into the mindset of feeling compelled to do everything on their own which eventually hurts them. Businesses thrive on support. Corporations are built on Cooperation. I’ve met caterers that were phenomenal at cooking and customer service but have no idea what to do with their business taxes or their marketing as a whole. And this is Okay. You don’t have to know or be good at every single thing. Just get an expert on your team and let them support you. That’s a general principle of business. Don’t be too prideful to get the support you need.

Business Lifeline's Coaching & Mentoring Service

So here’s how we’re going to do it. We’re going to introduce you to a coaching and mentorship system completely built around you, your personality, your circumstances and your goals. Normally a consultation with us costs $500.00 but with the coaching and mentorship program you will get two consultation sessions a month for the same price of $500.00. You will enjoy twice the value for the same cost!

In your coaching and mentorship sessions, you will be mentored by our main consultant, CEO and owner of Business Lifeline, Ms. Nichole Joseph-Cupid, MBA, a consultant with not only a high level of qualifications and host of degrees but also decades of experience with executive level management and building businesses that make millions. She is fully devoted to making your dreams come through so we expect you would be fully devoted to making the most of the process.

The first session will be all about getting to know you because as I said before, this is going to be a system completely built around you. We want to know who you are, where you’re at right now and your objectives. For some, the system would be based around helping with their businesses and getting them to their business objectives while others may need help from a personal perspective to get the support in changing their mindsets and growing their skill sets to enable them to reach their goals. So it’s all about what kind of help do you want to achieve your goals? Once that is settled, the journey starts. Each session following is about getting you to those goals.

The Key to Success

The key to your growth and success is going to be consistency. Growth occurs over time. This is not the kind of thing that you can just come in and have one consultation with Mrs. Joseph-Cupid and then be a Millionaire by the following week. I can tell you right now that improving your life will never be that easy. If you’re looking for something like that, this program may not be the right fit for you. However, if you are committed to your success and looking for the support of a committed partner to support your growth, you are in the right place. We have made this program affordable so you can commit to the process and achieve your dreams.

Do you have dreams? Do you have goals? Are you devoted to achieving them and willing to put in the work to make your dreams a reality? Then the opportunity is here. We would love to work with you. Let’s Get Started!

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