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Keeping pace with the new business norm

If your business have not yet started on the journey of becoming digitally ready, you may already be on the path to decline. A somewhat harsh reality however research shows that the average adult spends more than 6.5 hours daily online. Persons seeking new products or services generally seek a solution online ahead of any other referral tool.

Many entrepreneurs still have a fear in some cases of trading online and for other they struggle to understand the noisy market place online. Despite these two challenges, the online market place is the largest trading forum for businesses of all kinds. The online forum allows businesses to minimize their costs and reach the widest possible market. For this benefit however businesses must pay the additional costs of creativity and proficiency of communicating an effective marketing message that speaks to the needs of their particular target audience.

Business Lifeline Limited hosted a business conference and networking event to introduce businesses to the digital era with effective digital marketing and e-commerce. Here is a glimpse into the evening's activities.

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